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Citroen DS Center cars - specialist in DS3, DS4 and DS5


citroen-ds-business-choice-fleet-carsChoosing the right vehicle for your business takes time and consideration. Unfortunately time (as they say) is money and with so many cars available on the road, many business owners choose a straight choice (BMW or Audi). However whilst these cars are both functional and popular, they also prove to be anonymous choice. Many cars chosen for a business fleet blend into other companies’ choices. This means that for the businesses that select a car without character there is a very real possibility that company cars do not reflect the needs of the modern workplace.

Your company fleet needs to reflect your personality. Personality of a new car is not about becoming anonymous but standing out from the crowd. With the new Citroen DS range you are offered a choice of personalities, a high level of luxury whilst retaining the performance and cost efficiency that you deserve.

Choosing a new DS means reflecting the dynamism that your company needs to thrive in these challenging times.

For our office based clients, you can choose no better than the Citroen DS5. Providing five comfortable seats for long or short journeys and a style that speaks volumes. You cannot but help to gaze in wonder as the Citroen DS5 drives by.

Citroen Motability


For those receiving the Higher Rate Mobility component of the Disability Living Allowance or the War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement, you may be eligible to drive away a new Citroen DS through the UK Motability programme. After being award an “allowance” from the scheme you can simply exchange all or part of it towards leasing the car of your choice. With over 2,000 cars, the choice is seemingly endless. Yet, the DS Center provides each of their award winning models on the scheme.

Drive the DS3 and you’ll be rewarded with a spritely small car with excellent fuel economy (whichever engine you choose. Select the DS4 and you’ll drive a car that manages to re-imagine the concept of coupe motoring. Riding higher than most other coupe’s on the road and sporting five doors for easy access, it proves to be the perfect choice for those who find it harder to access most cars without compromising on performance. Select the DS5 and you’ll be offered the ultimate driving experience and lots of space for passengers or storage.

The Citroen DS Center make leasing a Motability car a breeze. We show you how much each of these cars are to run, how versatile they are for those of us who have special requirements and a frank appraisal as to which vehicle is right for you.

Green Driving


Environmentally friendly cars is something that is a necessity (due to ever-rising fuel prices) and an important choice; considering the impact of that the motoring industry has on the planet. Driving a new Citroen not only proves to be a quirky and stylish choice but a vehicle with a carbon footprint so low that you’ll worry less when the price-per-litre inevitably increases.

Choose one of the petrol engines on offer and you’ll notice a realistic combined fuel consumption of 50mpg (and sometimes more). However for a better fuel economy for those on a tighter budget, our HDi engines prove to be a better choice. As an example, the five-seater DS4 (fitted with the e-HDi 110 Airdream EGS6 engine) can achieve 64.2 on a combined journey. Select the HDi 110 6-speed manual and you can expect up to 70.6mpg for long journeys. This is a vehicle that not only satisfies your space and practicality requirements, but also fuel economy. This engine also provides only 114 CO2 levels meaning that UK road tax is currently only £30 for the entire year. The DS3 can be fitted with a sub 100 g/km CO2 which means you’ll also benefit from an exemption from London congestion charging. Choosing a new Citroen DS means that your new car driving experience is not compromised by anxiety about the cost to your pocket or the environment.