DS5 HYbrid4

citroen-ds5-hybrid4-headerENVIRONMENTAL ADVANCES

Citroen DS5 introduces HYbrid4 diesel technology, which combines the latest HDi diesel engine with electric power and a host of further innovations. The result is an inspired balance of performance and efficiency.

The 2.0 HDi diesel engine produces 162HP, while a synchronous electric motor fitted to the rear axle develops up to 37HP. In four wheel drive mode (4WD) they combine to produce 200HP, yet this extraordinary full hybrid technology cam also achieve CO2 emissions of just 99g /km. To fully harness the capability of HYbrid4, there are four selectable driving modes. ‘AUTO’ switches between diesel and electric power to optimise fuel consumption, while ‘ZEV’ (Zero Emissions Vehicle) mode uses the electric motor alone up to 37 mph. ’4WD’ maximises traction using diesel power for the front wheels and electric power for the rear, and ‘SPORT’ brings quick responses by making the most of both power sources.

Intelligent Changes

HYbrid4 works with an EGS 6-speed gearbox that optimises shifts for best possible economy.

No Compromise HYbrid4

200hp and 99 g/km CO2… zero emissions or four wheel drive…sporty responses and the latest Stop & Start technology. Everything is possible using the different operating modes and incredible technology of the HYbrid4.

Information is Power

The large centre console screen will display the status of HYbrid4, so you know when you’re running on zero emissions or four wheel drive, for example.

The HYbrid4 engine statistics

HYbrid4 200 Airdream engine

    • Carbon emissions: 99 CO2 g/km
    • Top Speed: 131 mph
    • Combined economy: 74.3 mpg
    • Performance 0-62mph: 8.3 seconds