Green Driving


Environmentally friendly cars is something that is a necessity (due to ever-rising fuel prices) and an important choice; considering the impact of that the motoring industry has on the planet. Driving a new Citroen not only proves to be a quirky and stylish choice but a vehicle with a carbon footprint so low that you’ll worry less when the price-per-litre inevitably increases.

Choose one of the petrol engines on offer and you’ll notice a realistic combined fuel consumption of 50mpg (and sometimes more). However for a better fuel economy for those on a tighter budget, our HDi engines prove to be a better choice. As an example, the five-seater DS4 (fitted with the e-HDi 110 Airdream EGS6 engine) can achieve 64.2 on a combined journey. Select the HDi 110 6-speed manual and you can expect up to 70.6mpg for long journeys. This is a vehicle that not only satisfies your space and practicality requirements, but also fuel economy. This engine also provides only 114 CO2 levels meaning that UK road tax is currently only ¬£30 for the entire year. The DS3 can be fitted with a sub 100 g/km CO2 which means you’ll also benefit from an exemption from London congestion charging. Choosing a new Citroen DS means that your new car driving experience is not compromised by anxiety about the cost to your pocket or the environment.

For the ultimate choice in fuel economy, we can fit the HYbrid4 200 Airdream to our flagship vehicle, the Citroen DS5. Providing ¬†incredibly low CO2 levels (99 g/km when using 17″ wheels) and a combined cost figure of 74.3mpg. The HYbrid4 also offers you the option of driving in pure electric mode for shorter distances. With modern technological advances such as regenerative braking to better manage on-the-fly battery charging. When driving a DS5 fitted with HYbrid4 technology you can demand, economy, versatility and above all performance with this spacious premium vehicle providing a 0-62mph time of only 8.3 seconds.