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citroen-ds-business-choice-fleet-carsChoosing the right vehicle for your business takes time and consideration. Unfortunately time (as they say) is money and with so many cars available on the road, many business owners choose a straight choice (BMW or Audi). However whilst these cars are both functional and popular, they also prove to be anonymous choice. Many cars chosen for a business fleet blend into other companies' choices. This means that for the businesses that select a car without character there is a very real possibility that company cars do not reflect the needs of the modern workplace. Your company fleet needs to reflect your personality. Personality of a new car is not about becoming anonymous but standing out from the crowd. With the new Citroen DS range you are offered a choice of personalities, a high level of luxury whilst retaining the performance and cost efficiency that you deserve. Choosing a new DS means reflecting the dynamism that your company needs to thrive in these challenging times. For our office based clients, you can choose no better than the Citroen DS5. Providing five comfortable seats for long or short journeys and a style that speaks volumes. You cannot but help to gaze in wonder as the Citroen DS5 drives by.

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