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Green Driving

Posted by on Jan 31, 2012 in | Comments Off on Green Driving

citroen-ds-green-motoring Environmentally friendly cars is something that is a necessity (due to ever-rising fuel prices) and an important choice; considering the impact of that the motoring industry has on the planet. Driving a new Citroen not only proves to be a quirky and stylish choice but a vehicle with a carbon footprint so low that you'll worry less when the price-per-litre inevitably increases.
Choose one of the petrol engines on offer and you'll notice a realistic combined fuel consumption of 50mpg (and sometimes more). However for a better fuel economy for those on a tighter budget, our HDi engines prove to be a better choice. As an example, the five-seater DS4 (fitted with the e-HDi 110 Airdream EGS6 engine) can achieve 64.2 on a combined journey. Select the HDi 110 6-speed manual and you can expect up to 70.6mpg for long journeys. This is a vehicle that not only satisfies your space and practicality requirements, but also fuel economy. This engine also provides only 114 CO2 levels meaning that UK road tax is currently only £30 for the entire year. The DS3 can be fitted with a sub 100 g/km CO2 which means you'll also benefit from an exemption from London congestion charging. Choosing a new Citroen DS means that your new car driving experience is not compromised by anxiety about the cost to your pocket or the environment.

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